Hitting a Milestone: 100 Game Sales! - What we have learned so far

We did it, we sold 100 games of DELU! This happened in the first three months of being in business, which is a huge success for us. When we launched in December, we thought this day could come in the first month, but we were very naive.

After a few weeks we realized it would take longer than anticipated. To grow DELU we tried some advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, but didn't have much success with that. We had a booth at the Madison Kids Expo and made some sales, but again not as many as we expected. Our story on Fox 6 also helped drive a lot of sales, which was very exciting, but we can't rely on being in the news regularly. 

We had a few more events planned for March and April, but those have unfortunately been cancelled due to COVID-19. We are now fighting against that as well to drive traffic to our site and sell more games. We think DELU is a perfect activity for kids and families to play inside during this time of social isolation, but it is hard to communicate that to our audience. We post on Facebook and Instagram often to continue to be engaged, but we are usually reaching the same audience with each post, and not growing our reach too much. We want to rely on positive word of mouth from those who have a game of DELU and love it, but that is hard to do during these times as well. 

We are working on figuring out what works best to grow our business and get DELU out there. We will continue to post on social media, but we think most growth will come from word of mouth from our awesome customers!

If you have a game of DELU, love playing it, and haven't left a review, we would appreciate it if you left one! Your testimonial goes a long way! Also sharing pictures and videos of you playing DELU on your social media goes a long way as well!

Selling 100 games in the first three months is a big success for us! We are very happy with that and it was a milestone to celebrate. We have to continue to work on getting our game out there and growing DELU to hit 1,000 sales, then 10,000, then 100,000 and beyond! It will take a lot of work and time to get there, but we will continue to celebrate each and every sale we get as a win and a small step in our big journey! 

Thank you to all of our customers who have supported us to this day! We appreciate each and every one of you!  

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