2021 MLB All Star Game At American Family Field

With the recent news that the MLB will be moving the All Star Game and Home Run Derby from Atlanta, it got us thinking, where should the new 2021 All Star Game be held? 

The 2021 All Star Game should be held at American Family Field in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, formally known as Miller Park. There are so many compelling reasons why it should be held there:

  1. It has a roof! That means we can guarantee we will have an MLB All Star Game this year with no issues. No need to worry about it being rained out or delayed.
  2. American Family Field has vast parking all around the stadium to accompany fans. Stadiums like Wrigley Field for example can be quite the pain to get to if you are from out of the area. American Family Field has a plethora of parking all around the stadium.
  3. Adding to number 2, Milwaukee is just a great city. If you are flying in, you land at Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee and it is only a 15 minute drive to the stadium from there. One more note on this, there are so many hotels in the area and plenty of great places to eat during your short stay. Milwaukee is a perfect city to visit for a few days, especially during the summer months.
  4. Capacity is unknown at this time, but Wisconsin has had decent flexibility when it comes to COVID, we may not be as free as Florida, but we certainly aren't as locked up as Chicago and LA. Currently American Family Field is operating at 25% capacity right now. By the time the Mid Summer Classic rolls around, I wouldn't be surprised if we are seating over 50% capacity, maybe even more, which is pretty good.
  5. The atmosphere is just amazing! Grab yourself a brat, hot dog, and a beer, and have a great time in the parking lot. The Brewers are known for having a great tailgate atmosphere. Not only is the food great, there are so games going on in the parking lot! Cornhole, Washers, and playing catch up and down all of the rows in the parking lot. New to Milwaukee this year for tailgates is DELU, which is a great family fun tailgate game that was invented by a local resident and proudly made in Milwaukee! DELU is going to be a hot new game at tailgates this year, especially in Milwaukee. If you haven't heard of this game yet, check it out today! With over 40 5-Star reviews, you can't go wrong!
2021 All Star Game at American Family Field in Milwaukee


We truly think American Family Field is the place to be this summer for the MLB All Star Game. This would be huge for Milwaukee and something we would all like to see!

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