A Tribute to DELU Customers

We really appreciate all of our customers and their support! Thank you for supporting DELU! We want to strive to provide an excellent experience for all of our customers and do the best we can to ensure they are happy and are enjoying the game. We want to thank all of our customers who have left a review on our game. We love the positive feedback and most importantly love hearing that you are enjoying our game!

This is a blog of pictures our customers send in! We appreciate your support and willingness to share pictures of the game with us! This is a running blog that we will update as we receive more pictures!

Thank you to everyone who has supported DELU so far! We want to continue to get our game in front of people and fulfill our mission of creating a fun game everyone can enjoy!

Join us, you will have fun!


DELU and Teachers

Teachers are some of the most supportive people out there! Never forget the teachers who got you to where you are today. Two of my past teachers sent me pictures of them enjoying DELU! I want to thank them for all they have done and the continued support they provide long after having them as teachers.

Great School Game, Teachers Love DELU

Teachers Playing DELU Great Game for School


DELU Makes its Way to Tennessee

DELU had its first customer in Tennessee! They sent me a picture of them playing the game at a church event and left a great review: "I brought the game to a game time at our church and the game was enjoyed by old and young alike. I told folks this was a new product and asked them what they thought. They gave it a two thumbs up. I bought a bag of plastic balls that were slightly smaller and had more colors. These worked very well and we like them better than the stress balls that were included. The one other suggestion was to market them in school colors. In Knoxville everything has to be University of Tennessee orange.

I am going to try and submit a picture on the blog of two ladies who both got the game willing hole on they're last shot.

All enjoyed the game."

Thank you for the amazing review! We are so glad you are enjoying the game out there!

DELU Indoor Game in Tennessee


Badger Roadtrip

Badger Roadtrip is a group of Wisconsin Badger fans that get together and go to Badger Football road games! We partnered with them to help get more exposure with the game. They are going to bring it to Badger Football games, Madison bars, the NFL Draft, and even more! 

DELU partnership with Badger Roadtrip


DELU at Hangout MKE

Hangout MKE is a cafe in downtown Milwaukee where you can play games and just hangout with friends! They have a game of DELU and my cousin took a picture with DELU when she was there! It is cool to have my game out there! Click here for a page to find places to play DELU!

DELU at Hangout MKE

We will keep updating this as we get more pictures from our customers!

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