A Year in Review and a Year to Preview

With 2019 coming to a close, it is time to reflect on DELU and what we have accomplished in the past year and what we want to do in 2020!

Let's look at some of our biggest successes of 2019:

  • May - Won an entrepreneur scholarship thanks to LUM, a cool new app for music streaming! This scholarship went right into funding DELU's launch!
  • July- We participated in Madworks, a business accelerator program that helped with funding!
  • September- Got our first manufactured prototype! When I saw the first prototype, I was stunned, it was so cool and even better than I expected!
  • December- We launched the game on December 7th, a day that will always be special to us! It was so exciting to finally launch the game and start selling it! We were featured on Fox 6 and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, both local publications! This really helped drive traffic and sales to our website, it was very exciting! See our last blog post for more on those exciting days!

2019 was a great year, but 2020 will be even better! Here is a look into what might come of 2020:

  • We will be featured on a Toss Tunes Podcast, talking all about DELU and our journey!
  • We will be taking DELU around to local restaurants/bars/breweries to demo the game! We hope to host some tournaments as well.
  • We hope to have our game in a local toy store, The Smiley Barn! This will be our start to retail. It is hard to say where we will be by the end of the year, but we would love to get into a few retail stores this year!
  • We are always trying to improve the product. We are working on some small redesigns for the game to further optimize it, but nothing that changes the gameplay. We will post updates as this progresses!
  • We plan on officially registering the trademark with the USPTO and getting the fancy ® on our logo!
  • We also plan on releasing some game variations to play with DELU! We have ideas of other game modes like a golf version or baseball version. We will continue to work on those rules and hopefully release them throughout the year!

We are excited for 2020 and hope to make a lot of progress with DELU! We hope people continue to enjoy DELU and that it becomes a hit! Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this journey and to all of our customers!

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