Best Tailgate Games for 2020! Top 10 List!

Best Tailgate Game List!

There are so many tailgate games, outdoor games, and yard games out there now days. It is hard to classify these games as only "tailgate games" because most of them are more than that (and some aren't good for tailgating, but are still great games). If you are looking for an awesome new yard game/tailgate game for hours of fun, look no further! We love the yard game community and want to share some of our favorite yard games out there!

We will list our top 10 tailgate games/outdoor games/yard games. We want to expose you to new, less known games, that are just as fun (actually more fun) than the typical tailgate/yard games. Bean bag toss (aka cornhole or bags) is not the only game out there to play. We wanted to make a list of fun games we recommend for 2020 and make it a year of fun! Check out our list of the best tailgate games out there. Join us, you will have fun!

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1. DELU - $49.95 - Must buy!!

DELU is the hottest game on the market!! You will not be disappointed! It's a game you and your family will love! It is a ton of fun and gets great reviews! It is a great game for any age! DELU is great for playing inside, it is quiet, the balls are soft, and it doesn't take up much space. It is also great for playing outside when the weather is nice! One five star customer review says "My son and I play this every day! This game is great! Fun indoor and out for ALL AGES!!!!" 

Order your game of DELU today by clicking here!


DELU Game Best Tailgate Game - Indoor or Outdoor

2. Knock 'Em - $49.95

Knock 'Em is a pretty fun game and a cool story! It was a game Jeston created that him and his dad took to market together! I have played this game a few times now and have had a lot of fun! There are two game modes, but Blitz mode is my favorite. It involves some running around, but I love games like that. It gets you moving and it gets pretty competitive. It can be frustrating when you are running back and forth missing towers, but keeps the game fun and competitive. I love the backstory to the game and it is also a lot of fun!

Knock Em Yard Game, great for kids and fun

3. QB54 - $99.99 

QB54 is a game and a chair combined, what an idea! A lot of people really love the game as you can see all over their social media pages. Mike works hard to get QB54 out there is out at different tailgates every week bringing his game to more people to play. This is a fantastic game for tailgating and really stands out and turns heads. This is a great way to play football with only a couple of people. A very unique idea, but makes for a great game!

QB54 Tailgate Game, a lot of fun, great for football games

4. Crossnet - $149.99

Crossnet is four square volleyball. Crossnet is a lot of fun and how could it not be! It is like Spikeball in the sense that you play the game with four people unlike volleyball. It is four square in the air and can be a very competitive game and a lot of fun! Crossnet is another very unique concept and way to combine two games, but it gets a lot of great reviews, averaging 4.5/5 on 400+ reviews! The only downside to this game is the price, but they seem to be having a lot of success and is definitely worth checking out!

Crossnet yard or beach game, a lot of fun, four square in the air

5. Cornbowl - $230.00

Sure, we all know cornhole, but what about Cornbowl? This game is way more fascinating than cornhole. I love bowling and as a kid I always wanted a bowling alley at my house, but that wasn't going to happen. This would have been a great substitute! Sure the price is up there, but it is way cheaper than a bowling alley. You throw a bean bag at some magnetic pins and knock them over like you are bowling. What a great idea and a ton of fun! Cornbowl can provide hours of entertainment!

Cornbowl Yard Game combining bowling and cornhole into a fun game

6. BulziBucket - $59.95

BulziBucket is way better than cornhole, it adds so many more elements. Players throw balls at the three tiered target and can score different points! It can be played at the beach, inside, tailgates, and even in the pool, how cool! BulziBucket also folds and stores really nicely. What a fun game for all ages! It even won the Creative Child Magazine Game of the year award!

BulziBucket Tailgate/yard/outdoor game that can be played in the pool

7. RampShot - $59.95

RampShot is "cornhole on steroids". This is a fun game for tailgating, playing in the yard, or at the beach! Rampshot is far more competitive than cornhole and involves way more physical activity. If you enjoy standing in one spot and barely moving to throw a bag, this is not the game for you. If you want to have fun and be active, then Rampshot is a great game for you!

RampShot tailgate or yard game that is more fun than bean bag toss all day

8. BucketBall - $49.99 

It is giant pong, what more can you ask for? Pong is such a simple game, but a lot of fun. BucketBall takes it to the next level and makes it so much bigger and can be played anywhere! You don't need a table for this game like pong, you can play it in the sand, the yard, the parking lot, the pool, so many options! It is a pretty simple game, but is a great game and there are a ton of color options for it, which is super cool! Bring this game to the beach and set up to have a blast!

BucketBall Giant sized pong game for tailgating or the beach or the pool

9. Rollors - $49.95

Rollors combines horseshoes, bocce ball, and bowling all into one! We love game combinations and this is another great one! It has 23 five star reviews and seems to be liked a lot! It's a fun game for the yard and easy to set up and play. This game is very competitive and addicting to play! It requires some skill to play, but anyone can play it. We like how only one person can score per round. This makes the game a little longer, but keeps the game competitive every single round until someone wins!    

Rollors Yard Game that is a combination of fun games

10. Spikeball - $59.95

Spikeball is a fun game, no way around that. I used to see people playing and think it can't be that fun, but it is! It is so easy to get competitive in the game. It is fast paced and nothing beats a long rally, they get so exciting and intense. I have played Spikeball a bunch, and I have a blast every time. This game is great for playing in a gym, at the beach, in the yard, or on the street if it is your last resort. It isn't great for a tailgate, but it is a great yard/outdoor game indeed! We just wish the price was a little lower for this game.

Spikeball Yard Game, very fun and popular game


Did we miss a fun game? Do you have ideas of other great tailgate games, yard games, or indoor/outdoor games that should be on the list? We feel our list has outdoor games perfect for kids, tweens, teens, college students, and adults, but would love to hear from you!  Leave us a comment below!

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  • The list is nice, it says if we missed a fun game to reach out so that’s what i’m doing. Fozzy Football, brand new game that came out this year. It’s fantastic, my crew and I started our own league. We can’t wait to show up in the parking lot in Vegas once they allow us back. You’re going to see Fozzy Football in every parking lot of every stadium before you know it. Comes with a free app to download that enhances the action. It’s a blast. All ages can pick it up easy. You really outta check it out and add it to this list. It’s from an American company named Omnibron and they put some good thought and effort into it. Once you start playing you’ll agree. Head on over to https://www.omnibron and check it out. Thank you to everyone who reads this I hope you have as much fun as we are.


  • I’ve always enjoyed the classic yard games like ladder golf and cornhole, but with all the innovative new games that are available now, they might be some of the most boring games out there! This list provides some exciting new options for me and my friends to try out. I recently purchased DELU because I was looking for a fun game to play without spending too much and I’m very happy with it. Plus, you can play inside without worrying about breaking anything! It doesn’t take much space to play and the foam balls are harmless. Definetly recommend checking it out!


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