Best Yard Games in 2022

Top 10 Yard Games in 2022

Cornhole has been deemed the best yard game countless times. It's 2022 and time to find some new yard games to play. Out with the old and in with some new yard games that deserve a place on the list for top yard games. Here we countdown the top 10 best yard games for 2022 to give you some ideas of new games to bring to your next family and friend gatherings or tailgating with you!

This list of best yard games and tailgate games in 2022 won't be cornhole, washers, or ladder golf. There are other yard games that deserve a spot on this list and are great additions to your game collection! Check out our list of best yard games for 2022 and bring some of the most fun yard games out there home!


DELU makes the top of our list of best yard games for 2022 because it can be played both inside and outside! This is a year round yard game, no matter where you live! Too hot, rainy, snowy, cold, or just want to be inside, no worries. DELU is so easy to set up and start playing right away. DELU will have you hooked after one throw. It is also a great game that the whole family from kids to grandparents can enjoy, making it our top yard game of 2022!

DELU top yard game of 2022

2. RampShot

RampShot is "cornhole on steroids". Take cornhole and ramp it up with this awesome game! This game is not for the lazy. If you want an active version of cornhole, you must try this game out. Watch how the ball bounces off the ramp and try to catch it for points. RampShot is at the top of our list for best yard games for 2022. RampShot truly is the 2022 version of cornhole and we are excited it exists. 

Rampshot top yard game of 2022

3. Blockhead

Blockhead is another amazing spin off of cornhole. This is the year 2022 as we said above. Enough of cornhole, let some new and more fun games make waves! Toss the cube and score points by making it in the hole or by hitting the board. But watch out, the other team can play defense, catch the block, and prevent you from scoring. Tossing a cube makes this game so exciting and deserving of a top 3 yard game for 2022.

blockhead yard game for 2022

4. QuartersBack

This is such an easy tabletop game to set up and play in the yard or at tailgates! Toss your quarters at the board and score points with the chance of getting your quarters back to score more! This is a great game of skill with some luck and gets a spot on the top yard games for 2022.

 quartersback yard game

5. Puckleboard

This is a nice twist to the popular shuffleboard game. No need to carry around sticks. Puckleboard is so easy to set up and play. Lay out the boards and you are all set to go. Toss your puck at the board and score points based on where they land. It is super simple but a great yard game to pack up and play anywhere! 

puckleboard game

6. Castaway

This is such a unique yard game and great for 2022. Master the cast with this fun beach/yard game. All you need is a fishing pole and you are ready to go. Cast your pole at the inflatable board and score points based on where you land it. A fishing yard game? Yeah, you hear right! We love that fun twist to the game and are excited to share it with you as a top yard game!

castaway game

7. The Original Sauce Kit

Here is a yard game for the hockey fans out there. Practice your sharp shooting with this mini hockey goal. Not only is it a fun game, it is also a hockey training kit! Hone your hockey skills and have some fun while doing so! We love this game and think it is super unique and fun. Check this out as you plan out what yard games you are getting in 2022.

hockey sauce it game8. Rollors

A game of luck and skill, Rollors will have you captivated right away. Score points by getting your disk closest to the goal and get points based on what side is showing. This game is a great combination of bowling and horseshoes and will have you hooked after one roll. 
rollors yard game

9. Bulzibucket

Take cornhole and make it a 3 story game and play it anywhere! Inside, outside, in the pool. Yes that is right, you can play it in the pool! This is a fun game of skill to score points by landing the ball in the different sections of the 3 story tall game. It also packs up easily for transport. Bulzibucket is a great game for 2022.

10. BruBag

Last, but far from least of the top yard games for 2022 is BruBag. This has elements of cornhole, but makes it so much better by combining it with beer pong! Sink a bag and cover that hole. Be the first team to cover up your opponent's board! This game is so easy to learn and such a great combination of games we all know.
brubag game

Best Yard Games of 2022 Summary

That is our list of the top 10 yard games 2022. These yard games are a great addition to your collection and are all so much fun! Most of these games are small business so you will also be supporting a small business and entrepreneur! We hope you enjoyed our list of the best yard games of 2022! If you think we missed one, leave a comment below!

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