Best Yard Games for 2021!

We absolutely love yard games. There is nothing better than being active and bringing on some fun competition. We spend a lot of time playing different yard games and looking around Instagram for yard games we haven't seen before. When it comes to yard games and tailgate games, there are so many great ones out there! Summer 2021 is hopefully going to be an exciting time of hanging out with friends and playing games again. We hope this list gives you some ideas of games to play in 2021!



DELU is our go to yard game. What is amazing about this game is you can play it inside or outside and it doesn't require a lot of space to play. Players toss the ball overhand, it must bounce on the ground only once, and they score points where it lands. If they land a ball in the top hole, it is an automatic win! With a game so easy to set up and get playing right away, it tops our list. If you have a hard, flat surface, you can (and should) get DELU! It is a game the whole family will love and is one of our favorite yard games!

DELU best yard games 2021


2. QB54

Want to play football in the yard, but only have 2-4 players? Try QB54! This is a game that is so much fun for every one and when you are done playing, the game turns into a chair! QB54 is such a novel game where you throw and kick the football to score points! This is an active game perfect for the backyard this summer! 

QB54 outdoor game


3. Money Hole

Money Hole is an awesome variation to cornhole, if you will. What is unique about this game is each player has their own side of the board to shoot at and score points based on where their ball lands. The catch is you can lose points by landing on the other player's side! On top of that you can call the hard to hit Money Hole, which results in an automatic win if you hit it. This game is a great addition to the yard by taking cornhole up a notch.


Money hole yard game

4. Kubb

Kubb is a classic game that involves skillfully throwing batons to knock down blocks. This game requires some skill, but can be learned and played easily. Kubb is very well established and even has their own National Championship. If that doesn't tell you this game is fun and enjoyed by many, I don't know what does. The downside to Kubb is you need a space of 16'x26' to play the game. If you don't have the yard to play Kubb, you can always set it up at the local park. The game travels well and is a ton of fun!

Kubb game play

5. Knock 'Em

Knock Em is an active and very fun yard game! It has similarities to Kubb, but instead of throwing batons you are throwing a ball to knock down the towers. Knock Em requires skill and some strategy. This is a game that is great for the whole family to learn and play. When I think of yard games to play in the summer, I think Knock Em. This is certainly a game worth checking out and bringing out during the summer to play as a family!


Knock em games

Classic Yard Games

Above are some yard games out on the market that are quite unique but very fun! I wanted to share more games than just the classic cornhole and ladder golf. While those are both fun games, there are far more yard games out there that we think are much more fun and exciting! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing both of those games, but out with the old and in with the new!

Now I want to dive into some classic kid yard games that are perfect for the summer. When I was a kid, I spent hours outside every week playing these games. The kids in the neighborhood would gather together and play all day. We want to share some of the classic but best yard games to get kids off their phone and outside playing something active! Maybe these games will bring back the fun and nostalgia of your childhood days!

1. Capture the Flag

This is an active game of strategy and intensity! Who is going to run onto the other side just to get chased? The intensity of capture the flag and the laughter during the game can't be beat. The goal is to run on the other team's side, grab their flag, and make it back safely! Take tag and ramp it up 10 notches and you get capture the flag. I can't even count amount of days and nights I played this game as a kid. This is a winner in our books.


capture the flag yard game

2. Ghost in the Graveyard

This is another variation of tag that is so much more intense and fun. One person counts and all the others hide. When the seeker finds someone, they yell ghost in the graveyard. Now everyone rushes to the safe zone without getting tagged. If you get tagged, you are it the next round. We always used a tree in the middle of the yard as a safe zone. May not have been the safest running full speed at a tree, but it was fun! Ghost in the graveyard was the perfect summer night game for 4 or more players! 

ghost in graveyard

3. Dodgeball

Dodgeball is always a classic. The adrenaline of dodging balls as the whiz past your face is always so exciting. Play until one team is completely eliminated by either being hit by a ball or having their throw be caught. Dodgeball is such a simple game to play, but so much fun. This is one of the more active games you can play with dodging, throwing, and running. Dodgeball can be played 2 vs 2, but is better with larger teams. This is certainly a must play if you have a large enough group, just make sure the balls you use aren't too hard!

Dodgeball yard game

4. Sports

Whether it's wiffleball, football, soccer, basketball, or you name it, sports are excellent yard games for kids! Not only are they fun, they help develop skills like hand eye coordination for example. Sure sports are better when you have a large group of people, but you can find a way to play all of these sports with only 2 people. Most of the time I played wiffleball or football in the yard as a kid it was only with one other person. Encourage creativity and help kids find ways to adapt sports to your yard and for the number of players available. Sports are and will always be a classic yard game and certainly some of the best!

Sports yard games

5. Sardines in a Can

Take hide n seek and turn it inside out. Sardines in a can is a game where one player hides and the others go and seek them. If you find the player hiding, you hide with them until everyone has found the hiding player. The hiding players start to get packed like sardines, hence the name. The last player to find everyone hiding is now the person who goes and hides the next round. I think this game is more fun than hide n seek, especially when everyone is packed tightly giggling as the other players pass by looking for them. This is a really fun yard game for kids and can be even more fun at night!

Sardines in a can

We hope you found some fun games on this list that you and your kids can play this summer. We are writing this in winter 2020 in anticipation of those bright and long summer days full of laughter, joy, and family! If you have other fun yard games you think should be on this list, leave a comment below! We would love to hear what you think are some fun yard games for the family!


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