The Perfect Family Game

Now more than ever there is an increase in social distancing as well as an increase in isolation. We want share why DELU is such a great family game, especially for times like now where everyone is looking for something to keep them busy!

DELU Family Game

DELU as a Game for Kids

DELU is a great game for kids to play for all ages! With DELU, we want to provide a game that is fun for everyone at any age. We have seen kids who are 2 play DELU and have a ton of fun doing so. Sure, they may just stand in front of the board and try and drop the ball in, but they love doing it. They enjoy the satisfaction of landing the ball in a certain spot, just like putting the square in the right hole. At the Madison Kids Expo we saw kids of all ages enjoying the game, especially kids ages 5+ where they could start understanding the rules.

DELU is a game where kids can be active inside and the parents don't have to worry about them breaking anything because the balls are soft and squishy.

On top of the physical activity, it helps with motor skills and math skills for the kids working on math and addition. Beyond that, DELU opens the door for creativity! We have set rules for the game, but we want kids to be creative and come up with their own ideas for games and different ways to play. We provide a frame for a game, but as long as our customers are having fun, that is all we care about. If you come up with better rules, that is awesome (and you should share them with us)!

DELU is a great kids game for playing inside or outside, but what about as a game for adults?

DELU as a Game for Adults

DELU is an excellent game for adults! It is a simple game to play and can get extremely competitive, extremely fast. People love to compete, it is human nature. DELU is a fun way to compete and keeps players on the edge with every throw because it could be an automatic win. The constant suspense during a game of DELU makes it so much fun for adults as well. I have seen so many adults play it and get super competitive and have a blast playing, which is so great to see!

In a family sense, there is a push to use technology less as well as parents interacting with their kids more and playing games with them. Lucky for you, DELU doesn't and will not have technology involved and it is a great game for the whole family! Set up DELU in the kids playroom or in the family room and have a nice game night as a family! Sometimes we need that escape from technology and go back to pure fun (like the good ol days), which DELU can provide.

Kids aren't the only people who can be creative. Adults are just as capable of being creative and coming up with their own rules. We have already seen some rule changes in terms of a drinking game. Hey, if you are having fun, go for it! We love the creativity and opportunity to make the game the way you want it to be.

DELU as a Game for Everyone!

As you have probably realized, DELU is a fun game for everyone! It is a simple game that anyone can play. That is what we value most with our game. A lot of games are made for kids and aren't super fun for the whole family. There are also games better for adults that can be difficult for some kids to play like cornhole. DELU truly is a game that can be played by anyone of any age or ability! It can be a little frustrating in the beginning, but players get used to it and get better fast! DELU is a competitive game, that opens the door for creativity and fun at all ages!

Nothing makes us happier than to hear how much people enjoy our game. It is such a rewarding feeling knowing that people are having a ton of fun playing something we created! We hope to one day get DELU on store shelves and get our family fun game in front of more people and be as big as cornhole one day! 

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