Games Near Me: Looking For a Fun Summer Activity?

DELU at the Kohl Center

Have you ever found yourself bored and searching games near me? Especially with summer upon us, everyone is looking for yard games, tailgate games, and family games or activities to play. With COVID still very present in our lives, there is still a limit to games and activities we can do outside of the house. 

We want to introduce you to our game, DELU! It doesn't require you to go anywhere, but rather set the game up at your house and play! It is a ton of fun to visit local activity centers, trampoline parks, laser tag places, arcades, and so on, but there is a limit to the extent in which we can go to those places. That is why we recommend our game, DELU. DELU is a new tailgate type game that is so much fun for the whole family! When you order our game, you can take it out and play with it whenever! It is an extremely fun game that you can play at your house and keep busy all summer long with the kids!

We have seen many summer schools and summer camps cancelled and it is very sad. DELU is a perfect game to keep the kids busy all summer long and out of your hair! If you are at work, set up DELU inside, and you will barely know they are there. The game is super quite and great for inside or outside. DELU is a must have game this summer! Join us, you will have fun!


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