Labor Day Activities and Games to End Summer Strong - Top 5 Yard Games!

Sadly labor day often means summer is coming to an end. Don't let that thought ruin a weekend of fun! Nothing beats a Labor Day weekend cookout, family time, and some of the best yard games on the market! We all know cornhole is a popular Labor Day game, but we want to share some lesser known, but way more fun yard games to celebrate the end of summer!

Here we will count down our top 5 yard games for a fun Labor Day weekend!

1. DELU - $49.95 - Must buy!!

DELU is the hottest game on the market!! You will not be disappointed! It's a game you and your family will love! It is a ton of fun and gets great reviews! It is a great game for any age! DELU is great for playing inside, it is quiet, the balls are soft, and it doesn't take up much space. It is also great for playing outside when the weather is nice! One five star customer review says "My son and I play this every day! This game is great! Fun indoor and out for ALL AGES!!!!" 

Order your game of DELU today by clicking here!


DELU Game Best Tailgate Game - Indoor or Outdoor

2. QB54 - $99.99 

QB54 is a game and a chair combined, what an idea! A lot of people really love the game and is one of the hottest yard games right now. Though there may not be much for tailgating at football games this year, QB54 is perfect for homegating for football games! If you love football and yard games, this is the game for you!

QB54 Tailgate Game, a lot of fun, great for football games

3. Bottle Bash - $39.99 

Bottle Bash is a ton of fun and gets competitive fast! With a super easy set up, you can be playing in minutes! Set up two poles across from each other, get a teammate, and start throwing frisbees to knock bottles off the pole. The game is very straightforward, but can be challenging, yet so much fun! If you don't have this game yet, add it to your list! Play it in your yard, on the beach, or even in the water!

Bottle Bash Labor Day Game

4. RampShot - $59.95

RampShot is "cornhole on steroids". This is the perfect game for Labor Day Weekend. It's like playing cornhole, but far more active and way more fun! If you enjoy standing in one spot and barely moving to throw a bag, this is not the game for you. If you want to have fun and be active, then Rampshot is a great game for you! Set up and rules are super easy and you can be playing this game in minutes. Looking for a fun spin on cornhole, get RampShot today!

RampShot tailgate or yard game that is more fun than bean bag toss all day


5. PutterBall - $169.95

Even though PutterBall is a golf game, it is for anyone! This game is Pong and Golf mixed, creating an extremely fun and exciting! They have over 1700 5-Star reviews and have been featured in Golf Digest! PutterBall is tearing it up in the yard game industry and they deserve it. This game is awesome and can be played inside or outside, making it truly versatile. Make sure you have PutteBall on your list of games to play this Labor Day and bring the golf course to your house!

PutterBall indoor or outdoor labor day game


Did we miss a fun game? Do you have ideas of other great tailgate games, yard games, or indoor/outdoor games that would make Labor Day Weekend better? We feel our list has outdoor games perfect for kids, tweens, teens, college students, and adults, but would love to hear from you!  Leave us a comment below!


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