Most Exciting Day(lou) of the year!

DELU was featured on Fox 6 news, which is a local Milwaukee news station. They came out to our house and did a story on the game. The story turned out great. It was very well written and highlighted the game well. I got a lot of positive feedback the story. 


DELU was also featured in an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which is a local newspaper in Milwaukee. This was another very well written article and highlighted DELU really well!


We were so excited and thankful to be featured in both of those articles. They led to the most exciting day of the year for us! The day of and after those stories went live, our website saw the most traffic it has ever seen. We had over 2000 people visit the website in those days and it led to many sales! We spent countless hours fulfilling packages to send out. It was so exciting to see sale after sale come in! I never would have expected so much to come after these stories were released. It was an amazing experience. We are excited to get DELU out to more customers and hope they enjoy it as much as we do! We can't wait to receive feedback from those who ordered games!


It was a really exciting day to see the orders trickle in and to fulfill them. It was something I wasn't expecting, but I was so happy with how it went over! We hope to see the game continue to grow from here! Thank you to all of those who have supported us so far! To see DELU's list of successes, visit our Success Page

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