Starting a Business While in College

I am currently a senior at UW-Madison studying marketing, entrepreneurship, and information systems. I always do my readings, homework, and studying. I make sure I get done what I need to get done. Now on top of that I am starting to run a business. It is hard to gauge how much time it will take up at this point in time because I am at such a small scale. So far though it hasn't been too bad. Sure I am doing work at random times in the night, before class, between class, but it doesn't feel like work. It is enjoyable and I have fun doing it. I am writing this post before my class even. There are definitely challenges with starting a business and going to school, especially if it starts to grow. I haven't encountered that or had too many times of stress thus far with the business and school.

I plan my life out very carefully, so when it comes to the launch date, I looked at my classes and when I would have the most free time to dedicate to the business to ensure the launch goes as best as it can. It could be very overwhelming, but luckily my parents are both retired and are willing to help me out as much as they can. I am extremely lucky to have their support and help as I get things going since I don't have resources to build up a team.

I have also been able to use DELU in many projects for classes. They have helped me further understand my business and how I should go about running it. I have done a product plan, customer segment analysis, market research all for classes. Not all of the information has been used, but it has been helpful to work through many different issues and really dig into my business and understand it further. Sure, you don't need to go to business school to run a business, and many don't, but I have learned a lot in my classes that I put towards the business. I also learn so much outside of my classes from running this business to get more experience in general. It is a good trade off, but I am certainly glad I am in the business school here.

It will be interesting to see how things progress as my business (hopefully) grows, but I am excited for the challenge. It is my last year in school, so if I can maintain my grades and get the business rolling, that would be ideal. My goal is to make DELU my full time job when I graduate and take it as far as I can. If it fails, it was a great experience. If it succeeds, that would be amazing and I would be so happy. At this point all I can do is continue to work hard at both school and with DELU and see where I end up in a few months. I would never advice dropping out of school to start a business. If it fails, you want that degree to back you up. School is an amazing thing. You learn so much, develop many skills, and make a lot of friends. My advice is make it through school before you drop everything to start a business.

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