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  • Games Near Me: Looking For a Fun Summer Activity?

    Have you ever found yourself bored and searching games near me? Especially with summer upon us, everyone is looking for yard games, tailgate games, and family games or activities to play. With COVID still very present in our lives, there is still a limit to games and activities we can do outside of the house. 
  • A Tribute to DELU Customers

    We really appreciate all of our customers and their support! We want to strive to provide an excellent experience for all of our customers and do the best we can to ensure they are happy and are enjoying the game. We want to thank all of our customers who have left a review on our game. We love the positive feedback and most importantly love hearing that you are enjoying our game!


    We wanted to put together a blog of pictures our customers send in! We appreciate your support and willingness to share pictures of the game with us! Thank you to everyone who has supported DELU so far! We want to continue to get our game in front of people and fulfill our mission of creating a fun game everyone can enjoy! Join us, you will have fun!

  • Best Tailgate Games for 2020! Top 10 List!

    There are so many tailgate/outdoor/yard games out there now days. It is hard to classify these games as only "tailgate games" because most of them are more than that (and some aren't good for tailgating, but are still great games).

    We will list our top 10 tailgate/outdoor/yard games. Bean bag toss (aka cornhole or bags) is not the only game out there to play. We wanted to make a list of fun games we recommend for 2020 and make it a year of fun!

  • A Year in Review and a Year to Preview

    With 2019 coming to a close, it is time to reflect on DELU and what we have accomplished in the past year and what we want to do in 2020! We are excited for 2020 and hope to make a lot of progress with DELU! We hope people continue to enjoy DELU and that it becomes a hit! Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this journey and to all of our customers!
  • Most Exciting Day(lou) of the year!

    DELU was featured on Fox 6 news, which is a local Milwaukee news station. They came out to our house and did a story on the game. The story turned out great. It was very well written and highlighted the game well. I got a lot of positive feedback the story. 


    DELU was also featured in an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which is a local newspaper in Milwaukee. This was another very well written article and highlighted DELU really well!

  • What I have learned through one week

    DELU has been for sale for just over one week now. It was a fun experience to launch the product and wait for sales to trickle in. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I launched. Would I sell 100 games, 50, 10? Who would I sell them to? Family, friends, people I don't know? There was a lot I didn't really know. 
  • Starting a Business While in College

    I plan my life out very carefully, so when it comes to the launch date, I looked at my classes and when I would have the most free time to dedicate to the business to ensure the launch goes as best as it can. It could be very overwhelming, but luckily my parents are both retired and are willing to help me out as much as they can.
  • Starting a Business With a Small Budget

    Everyone assumes starting a business requires a huge capital investment. You have to go out there and raise money from friends, family, investors, or some other source. That is partially true.
  • How to Know What to do?

    College classes lay out deadlines rather well. Heck, they give you all the deadlines before the school year even starts on the class syllabus. This is extremely convenient for someone who like set deadlines and getting their work done early. Unfortunately, running a business isn't quite like that.
  • Taking Advantage of Resources

    Starting a business isn't easy. You don't know where to turn and have very few resources at this point. I ran into this problem, especially when trying to start a business in college.