What I have learned through one week

DELU has been for sale for just over one week now. It was a fun experience to launch the product and wait for sales to trickle in. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I launched. Would I sell 100 games, 50, 10? Who would I sell them to? Family, friends, people I don't know? There was a lot I didn't really know. 


I was happy with how things turned out after one week. I sold a lot of games to friends and family, but also some games went to people I didn't know. It is really cool to think people will be gifting a game I created for Christmas! I just hope people really enjoy the game and have fun playing it. I wanted to create something that would be fun for everyone to play, no matter their age. I wanted it to be competitive no matter the score, and a vibrant game that stands out and gives off a playful vibe. I feel like DELU does all of that and I hope my customers enjoy it.


So what have I learned? Selling the game is going to be a lot harder than I anticipated. That should come at no surprise though. First I need to get people to visit my website, which is hard on its own. I was successful when I launched the game driving a lot of friends and family to the website. Then they need to have an interest in the game. Sure it looks fun (and it is!), but they need to have a reason to buy the game. I need to start figuring out how to drive more traffic to the site, so more people see the game, and hopefully want to buy it. That won't be an easy task and could be expensive through running ads to do this. I am looking at other ways to get the game out there that might drive as much traffic or more.


I plan on doing a podcast with Kelvin from Toss Tunes, which focuses on yard games, I also hope to get it in a local toy store in Delafield called The Smiley Barn. I plan on reaching out to some bars/restaurants/beverage distributors to see if they have interest in using DELU for promotions. It is great because the game can be played inside or outside! Lastly, I hope there is some positive word of mouth for the game. The creators of Knock 'EM Games, another yard game, have been extremely supportive by sharing my game around, which is great! If someone sees it or plays it at someone's house, maybe they have so much fun and want their own game! I can't rely on that to make sales, but it would be wonderful if it works out that way sometimes! 


It is going to be a tough journey to get the game out there more, but I hope one day to get the game on the shelves of stores for more people to enjoy. That would be a dream come true! Join us for this wild journey, you will have fun!

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