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DELU at Memorial Union

The DELU mission is to create a fun game that brings friends and families together! We want DELU to provide hours of fun, excitement, and laughter, because that is what it is all about. It is a perfect game for the whole family!

DELU® is a fun, new indoor or outdoor tailgate type game. It is a great game for the driveway, parties, the office, tailgating, it can even be a lawn game or a beach game (with modified rules). It is pronounced "Day lou", which is a made up expression meaning hooray, yay, or oh yeah!

It was created when JT was bored at the end of the summer before going off to college. He was done with work and had a few weeks to burn. He wanted a new game to play, something that would be challenging, fun, and competitive. He took elements of games he liked/didn’t like and combined them into one game. He combined elements of skee-ball, washers, bean bag toss (cornhole), and golf all into one amazing and fun game!

The most important and unique part of the game is the automatic win. JT wanted that to be a part of the game to ensure every throw mattered, no matter what the score was. When playing bean bag toss, he realized no one had fun if the score wasn’t close because the game was basically over. He decided his game should have a spot where a team wins automatically (with the other team having a chance to rebuttal) to always keep the game competitive. 

JT took the game to his freshman dorm at UW-Madison for his friends to try. He found out they loved it. He didn’t initially plan on turning the game into a business, but when he saw how much fun his friends had, he started to take more steps toward creating a business. He used the game for various projects in school as well as spent time outside of class working on it. JT was accepted to work with MERLIN Mentors as well as the Madworks accelerator program in Madison to both help turn his idea into a company. After a lot of hard work and some challenges along the way, DELU is finally here! Order it today to have a new fun game to play!

About JT

JT's favorite quote is: "All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" -Walt Disney. Bringing this game to market is a dream of his and he will do what it takes to get it out there for others to enjoy and have fun.  


JT Nejedlo with DELU, about the creator


JT is the CEO/President/Creator of DELU. He is a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He triple majored in marketing, entrepreneurship, and information systems. He loves being outside and playing all sorts of games. He enjoys just having fun in whatever he does. Life is short, make it fun. When he was in high school he built a working roller coaster with his neighbor in his backyard, which can be seen on their YouTube channel Coasters and Karts. He also likes to juggle and ride unicycles (but not at the same time).

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Order your DELU game today and support a mission to have fun and enjoy life. It's short, so make the best of it. DELU!

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