Manufacturing DELU

We are proud that DELU is made locally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! We want to share some pictures of our game being made! 



Our first prototypes were made out of wood and had 5 point slots. We decided scoring worked better with only 4 point slots. We also realized the wood was too bouncy, so we shifted to plastic with turf.
Delu prototypes 1
The turf and plastic was going to be difficult to manufacture, so we did some redesigning. We went back to a wood design and used a rubber material as the back to dampen the ball when it hits. We thought this would be the final product, unfortunately it was difficult to manufacture. We went back to the design board. 
DELU prototype 2
We then came up with an idea to use netting to catch the ball. That turned out to be the best design and what we stuck with. It was easy to play and score and landing a ball in the net just feels good. We made some minor modifications from the black prototype you can see below, but that prototype led us to our final design.
DELU prototype 3

Manufacturing DELU in Milwaukee!

See some pictures from our manufacturer in Milwaukee. It is so cool to be able to watch our game be made in person. They cut the boards, print on them, then attach the net. 


DELU cutting at Jonco Industries DELU manufacturing at Jonco Industries set up for printingDELU manufacturing at Jonco Industries printing DELU manufacturing at Jonco Industries adding net